30. Dezember 2014

running engine with unfiltered woodgas ???

Maybe It was a little strange idea over the Christmas holidays .....

Why should hassle with the woodgas filtering  ??? 
If you can produce the same gas which is almost free of debris you do not need more filters?

Call me crazy :-) 

For this reason, I did a test today.

First I installed a glass tube just behind the gas cooler. So i can now visually view the gas flow. Not the best solution for a gas analysis. But unfortunately I do not have a meter to measure particles in the gas stream. If anyone has a good source for such a device just tell me.
The gasifier was started.

After 10 minutes, something happens in the glass tube:

 It collected condensation on the inside of the tube. The gas was cooled by the gas cooler down to 15°C and the water condensed out. If really large quantities are in the gas, the condensation should change color. What does not happen, however, the tube remained clear and transparent and that although without a filter!

After cleaning the glass tube, I rebuild it and started the Honda generator with this "unfiltered GAS" and some stomach pains  .....

 The generator ran pretty exactly 5 hours with a load of 850 to 2050W. I changed permanently the current output. To see whether the condensation in the glass tube during load variations discolored.
But it changed nothing. The glass tube was always good Transparent and wet with condensation from the inside.

After 5 1/2 hours the test was terminated.

I wanted for the next test still put a swimming pool filter as a security filter in between. If you have further what should come through.

What do you think we can assume that this gas the engine does not hurt?

Suggestions and discussions in the forum, I would be delighted.
regards Pascal

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