13. Oktober 2014

Hello DriZzleR freinds,

In the series of youtube video's on "the simple learning DriZzleR" I added a new one. (part 3). This learning DriZzleR can also serve as a very simple and quick to build gasifier for emergency situations, or for use in small third world community's,
As an experiment I wanted to test if it was possible to fire it up and flare it when absolutely no energy was available. I used bicicle. (pedal powered gasifier).The test however did not showed much succes. Not so much because, it would be principly imposible to start the mini DrizzleR up on pedal power, but because the mechanical components where badly made.
As you know I have to give out all my mechanic work to a local blackschmitt and this time he realy did a shitty job.
Anyway i hope someone picks up the idea and shows a better performance someday.