9. September 2014

Woodgas Forum

We decided it is time to create a forum. At the beginning we thought of a "only DriZzleR" forum. But the biggest and best German woodgas forum www.holzgibtgas.com will end his service soon. So there will be no forum in the german speaking corner to gives woodgasers a home for their projects. So we decided to not only create a "only DriZzleR" forum. Also other gasifiers are welcome. Such the equipment behind the gasifier like coolers or filters are the same. 

After this decision we thought about it. Not only woodgas could be the right way for such a forum. it must be an more potential forum which cares about more than just woodgas also about heat, mobility and electricity, food and also water.

We decided to name it "International self supplier forum" which takes care of all the different energy sources, food and farming and every other thing you can use on your way to be an self supplier.  You can feel free to post your projects and get in contact with worldwide users talking about self suppling technologies.

The complete forum is like the DriZzleR project itselfs.
Totally open source and free for everybody.

Have No Fear of linguistical barriers. Do not be afraid to post something in english. Or something that looks like english. Use the internet tools, it is possible to translate english into any desired language.

you can try to use the google translator also to translate the complete forum.

An automatically translated text may not be grammatically correct. But it can be understood by everyone in the world. And just as everyone else can also answer that way.

You can also upload high quality pictures directly into the forum. For video uploads please use youtube. Also the youtube videos can directly integrated into your post.

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