18. Juni 2014

The laboratory DriZzleR produces its first electricity on woodchips fuel.

Hello Fellow DriZzleR's,

Finaly arrived at the point where "The laboratory DriZzleR" was complete and fully functionable. On woodchips he produced electricity for several hours.
However it went no flawlesly. We learned a lot from numerous small problems we had to solve on the fly. But I guess that is the purpose of a laboratory model.
Now We have arrived so far, the laboratory period can be closed and we can move to the next step, making a real prototype.
As I dokumented in the past every move I made I will do so in the future, so stay tuned and subscribe to our blog.
Here is the link with the video.
Thanks for watching and please comment.



  1. Great progress so far! I'm looking forward to see this thing alive.

  2. Christoph,
    Thank you for commenting.
    I am a little behind on the sheme. Right now I am improving the pyrotouch design, that works great for pellets, for better working with woodchips. First test of the new toucher was promising; hope to run it with the engine soon, so keep following.