25. Mai 2014

A simple DriZzleR, to learn - Ein einfachigen DriZzleR, zum lernen

Hi Fellow DriZzleRs,

I get mails from people who want to know the last little detail; how a DriZzleR is build and what its specific measurements are. This questions are difficult for me to answer because, the DriZzleR is still a work in progress and I changes and adapt my actual gasifier constantly. But then again I thought,  When I can not give fisch I can give a fisching rod, so enthousiasts can have a first start and from there on with their own creativety can develop their DriZleR concept further.
So here is a video of a very simple build, that can be put together in some two hours, and gives you the opprtunity to start DriZzling inmediatly after.
Beware, this is just the gas generator, no cyclone, no cooler, no filter and so on. You can find a lot of information on those items elswhere.
I have not yet flared this little unit myself so I do not know how it preforms, but how it preforms is not important at this moment. The aim of this little machine is nothing more than just let you feel the magic of producing your own first gas from wood. After that you will be probably been hooked and able to go your own way further.
Enjoy the build and the flaring.
Here comes the video




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