28. April 2014

Hello Fellow DriZzleRs

So far I only did fundamental DriZzling testing, trying to understand as much as possible what was going on in the DriZzleR. Acordingly I would then refine and improve the DriZzlet Method and my DriZzleR gasifier.
Up until now the unfltered flare was my guide. If I could get as good as possible unfilterd gas then, filtering would be easyer.
My DriZzleR is not a small unit. It is capable to dyliver enough gas to get a V8 engine running. This of cours unfilterd. The poblem with filtering is that filters get into the gasstream and slow down and block the easy gasflow.
The trick is to find an effective but still good breathing filter wich create minimal suction loss, this to able also smaller engines to pull enough on the gasifier to maintain the minimal fuel flow for keeping the DriZler going.
Bigger engines again can pull too much if the filter is too air transparant. Then it can be difficult to keep the DriZzle zone at a steady level.
Fortunatly a DriZzleR gasifier has a very wide pull range. Pascal tested and drove with the same gasifier succesfuly a small honda generator as well as a bigger 1.6litres VW car engine.
People who remenbered the painfull calculations to adapt an Imbert style gasifier for a specific engine, will find this a relieve.
I started my first search for a good filter with overkill. My concern was getting as clean gas as possible. An earlier catastrophy test with a bucket full of woodchips as filter/cooler/condesing medium went wrong. The gas did not cooled enough and the bucket chips smothered and burned inside and created a sort of exstra updraft gasifier and out of my blower spit a fountain of tar. One can still see the Black Goo on my blower.
My second choise are cokes coles now having a very porious surface. I added a ceramic wool filter too.
In this video the filtering result. Good gas but too much underpressure. In next test I will  slowly take away filter media to find the ideal compromise between good filtering and least resistance.

Thank you for watching and I will be gratefull for every comments, or explanation on how your filter works.


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